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Spectre makes a comeback

Posted on Tuesday August 07, 2018  |  vulnerability, spectre, security, patching, network, netspectre, intrusion prevention systems, computer chip

When one cyberattack is stopped, another more powerful variant almost always takes its place. It happens all the time with ransomware, computer viruses, and Trojan horses. Recently, this has become the case with Spectre attacks, which exploit a fundamental flaw in modern computer chips. Here's everything you need to know.


New Windows update for PC vulnerabilities

Posted on Thursday January 25, 2018  |  windows, vulnerability, spectre, security, patches, meltdown

Two newly discovered Windows vulnerabilities, known as Meltdown and Spectre, make it possible for hackers to steal all sorts of confidential information. To resolve this issue, Microsoft has released an update. Continue reading to stay protected.


Meltdown and Spectre fixes cause problems

Posted on Wednesday January 24, 2018  |  windows, vulnerability, spectre, security, safari, meltdown, macos, linux, intel, ie, flaw, firefox, edge, chrome

It's been three weeks since one of the worst IT security vulnerabilities in history was announced, and consumers are still receiving mixed messages about how to protect themselves. We usually encourage users to install software updates as often as possible, but when it comes to Meltdown and Spectre, that advice comes with an asterisk.


Fantom: the latest cybersecurity spectre

Posted on Wednesday September 07, 2016  |  windows, vulnerability, update, threat, smb, ruse, file, fantom, fake, encryption, downtime, data, cybersecurity

2016September7_MicrosoftWindowsNewsAndTips_AIt's hard to deny how quickly the different types of ransomware multiply -- they do so faster than rabbits during mating season. Ransomware vary in appearance, subtlety, and targets. The latest addition to the extensive list of ransomware varieties is Fantom. This cybersecurity nightmare adopts a facade that many would have no qualms trusting. Like many other things, these technologically menacing forces are like "a wolf in sheep's clothing" -- impending danger lurks beneath the most seemingly innocent guises.


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