3 Virtualization issues to watch out for

2017February21_Virtualization_AAlthough data storage is only one of the many ways to benefit from virtualized hardware, it’s still the most common use of the technology. Despite this popularity, virtualized storage is susceptible to a number of mismanagement catastrophes. We’ve outlined the three most common mistakes when utilizing this technology, right here.

What exactly is preventive cyber-security?

2017February15_Security_AThere has been a movement among technology providers to promise “proactive” cyber security consulting. Small- and medium-sized businesses love the idea of preventing cyber-attacks and data breaches before they happen, and service providers would much rather brainstorm safeguards than troubleshoot time-sensitive downtime events.

Moving unified communications to the cloud

2017February1_VoIP_AMigrating your organization’s unified communications (UC) to the cloud seems like a no-brainer: it's practical, it's cheap, it's the future. Big-name companies such as Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and Verizon now offer Unified communications as a Service (UCaaS), and it's only a matter of time before it takes over the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) space.

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