Network Services Group (NSG) is excited to introduce our local engine optimization (LEO) service. It’s our very special optimization and search engine seeding program designed to improve website rankings. LEO utilizes a combination of software and reporting to manage your business presence, location data, reputation, analytics and website health. Through LEO, Network Services Group can show you how improvements in your website health and business profile will enhance your brand awareness and website ranking.

LEO concentrates on providing search engine results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location. It is a highly effective form of online marketing that leverages tools customers use every day to find the best business to meet their needs. LEO works inside major search engines, business directories and social media networks to reach new customers. Best of all, these new customers can be more than just online customers, they’re "real customers" because LEO promotes your entire business brand (your name, your services, address, phone number, photos/media, and more). This directly corresponds to new customers calling (or walking through your door) and not simply viewing your website.

Our LEO service will:

  1. Locate inconsistencies in your business profile in over 200 business directories.
  2. Synchronize your business profile and location data across a multitude of sites as well as supplementing information when necessary to enhance your product brand.
  3. List and provide corrective recommendations for inaccuracies that cannot be automatically resolved.
  4. Locate and claim on your behalf your listings in the directories we synchronize, saving you countless hours of valuable time and effort.
  5. Provide a health analysis of your primary landing page (typically your home page). Your landing page will be scored for SEO compatibility, content, design, performance, and security, which are all factors in determining how friendly your website is to search engines.
  6. Provide a prioritized list of recommendations to resolve in order to optimize your website's SEO compatibility.
  7. Provide a complete website health analysis crawl of your entire website. This will identify website heath issues that can be nested deep within the pages of your website.

Our service constantly monitors and synchronizes your business profile on the Internet, reporting back the progress as corrections are made. As conditions are uncovered that prevent your website from being optimally accessible, they also are reported, at which time you can address them yourself, or, if your prefer, with the help of Network Services Group.

Results can typically be seen within 30 days. However, we recommend that businesses use our service for 12 months to fully realize its benefits.

Ready to get started? Call us today at 1-989-776-2080 or toll free at 1-855-674-2968!

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