Network Services Group (NSG) offers public, private, and hybrid cloud computing solutions. These proven services are joined with the high level of security, redundancy, and reliability our enterprise customers demand.

NSG boasts a handful of geographically diversified datacenters across the nation to ensure the uptime of our cloud solutions. Each premium datacenter has multiple redundant data connections into the NSG global network. Additionally, NSG offers on-net MPLS ports at each facility available for customers demanding a more secure and predictable service delivery to their office(s).

NSG cloud computing solutions are scalable and can be customized to the specific need of each client. Our infrastructure is comprised of the most premier manufactures including Cisco, EMC, and VM Ware.

Multiple layers of security protect our cloud servers which can be provisioned to coexist at multiple physical locations.  Furthermore, they may be coupled with NSG managed services and Service Desk for a business that prefers a more outsourced solution.


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