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Boost your efficiency in 2024 with these Android productivity apps

Posted on Monday January 29, 2024  |  productivity, android, mobile, google calendar, asana, app, task management, pocket, microsoft teams, grammarly, todoist, communication and collaboration project management, grammar assistant, loom, schedule management, video messaging, web content organizer

Today, Android users have countless apps to choose from to help them stay organized, focused, and efficient. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to find the right apps. To help you decide, here are seven essential productivity apps for Android that are sure to boost your efficiency in 2024.


Increase your company's reach with Google Posts

Posted on Wednesday May 22, 2019  |  search, google, app, results, smb, tool, communicate, google posts, ranking

As a small- and medium-sized business, you can't miss out on this opportunity to leverage Google's search results. With Google Posts, businesses can create content highly ranked in Google search results for their names, even without having a website. Here's how this works.


4 apps that offer the ideal VoIP experience

Posted on Thursday July 26, 2018  |  whatsapp, voip, viber, small business, skype, mobile, google hangouts dialer, app

If you wish to bring down your wireless bill, download and use a VoIP app for making calls instead. Most apps are easy to use, and are low-cost or free depending on how you make your calls. Here are four of the best VoIP apps in the market today.


Why is Skype's new feature so important

Posted on Monday January 29, 2018  |  voip, skype, privacy, microsoft, internet calls, end to end encryption, communication, app

With more targeted attacks on social networking services than ever, private conversations with your business partners can become public information. To prevent this, Skype has released a new feature that ensures complete privacy by encrypting all types of communication. Here are some of the features.


How useful are Google Posts to SMBs?

Posted on Monday July 17, 2017  |  tool, smb, search, results, ranking, google posts, google, communicate, app

Businesses in the 21st century rely on a strong digital presence to keep up with the competition. There's a new tool that helps with just that: Google Posts. Read on to learn its potentially game-changing capabilities and when SMBs can expect to get a piece of the action.


6 ways to fix Android space shortage

Posted on Tuesday August 09, 2016  |  wireless media hub, video, storage, music streaming, music, microsd card, media file, cloud, app, android

2016August9_AndroidTablet_AYou don't need to be an economist to understand the issue of scarcity when it comes to the storage space on your Android device. This is even more true if you own a one that has lower space storage. With this in mind, we have come up with 6 ways to free up storage space so you can make the most out of what you already have.


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