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The value of managed IT services in healthcare

Posted on Monday November 16, 2020  |  managed services, enterprise resource planning, healthcare it, business continuity, hipaa, response times, automation, healthcare records, proactive tech support

Current trends in healthcare skew toward more reliance on tech than ever before. Between telemedicine, data management practices, and countless other recent developments, hiring managed services providers (MSPs) is one of the easiest ways for practices to keep up with the times.


Reasons to automate small-business marketing

Posted on Friday September 18, 2020  |  business, automation, marketing automation, marketing tools, small business marketing

Over the years, marketing automation has become more accessible to small businesses. Thanks to innovative cloud solutions, large and small enterprises can reap the benefits of automating tedious marketing tasks. Here are a few advantages to automating your small business's marketing efforts.


Why should you automate SMB marketing?

Posted on Friday June 14, 2019  |  crm, marketing, automation

One of the biggest innovations in business and technology is marketing automation. Previously reserved for well-funded enterprises, marketing automation is now accessible to small businesses, thanks to affordable cloud solutions. Here are five profitable benefits to automating some of your most mundane marketing tasks.


Manage your business better with ERP

Posted on Friday March 15, 2019  |  workflows, reporting, integrations, erp, enterprise resource planning, database, compliance, business management, automation

From accounting to inventory, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need various systems to function, and managing them simultaneously is a colossal task. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you manage these systems efficiently and improve business performance.


Ways IoT will change the business world

Posted on Wednesday October 24, 2018  |  tracking, iot, inventory, internet of things, insight, business, automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of vehicles, appliances, and devices embedded with actuators, connectivity, software, electronics, and sensors that allow users to connect and swap data. The business world is steadily changing with the implementation of IoT in the following methods.


Need business management software? Try ERP

Posted on Thursday September 28, 2017  |  workflows, reporting, integrations, erp, enterprise resource planning, database, compliance, business management, automation

Whether you run a startup or a well-established corporation, there are always ways to improve how the business is managed. For some, introducing new corporate policies can streamline business processes, but if you want to see significant improvement, consider enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


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