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2024 technology trends: What you need to know

Posted on Friday January 05, 2024  |  business, cloud, cybersecurity, tech trends, edge computing, generative ai, smart devices, technology trends 2024

The world of IT is abuzz with new technologies that promise a new way of life. From quantum computers to solar electric vehicles to robot-assisted surgery, there's plenty of innovations to get excited about. However, not all advances in technology will be relevant to you. As a business owner looking to make the most of technology while keeping abreast of new tech, you would be well-served learning which tech trends are most relevant to you.


Harness the holiday hype: Optimize your eCommerce store for peak season

Posted on Monday December 04, 2023  |  holiday shopping rush, holiday sales, holiday rush, ecommerce, business

The holidays are a time for shopping, and eCommerce businesses are poised to reap the rewards. However, businesses must be prepared for the extra traffic and sales that come with this peak season. If you're planning for the holiday rush, here are some tips to help you get ahead.


5 Tips for secure customer data collection

Posted on Friday November 03, 2023  |  business, customer data collection, customer data

Much of business centers on giving people what they want. This means understanding customers’ interests and needs by accumulating and organizing customer data. However, the methods you use to collect that data need to abide by data privacy laws. Breaching those laws can incur fines, penalties, and loss of reputation. Here are five tips for secure customer data collection.


The 5 most common data backup solutions

Posted on Wednesday October 04, 2023  |  business, data backup, cloud backup, backup, backup appliances, hybrid backup, local backup, removable media

For any business, data is more than just information; it's an invaluable asset that drives decision-making and strategy. Losing data can result in massive setbacks and even threaten the very existence of your organization. This is where data backup solutions come into play — they provide a way to securely store and retrieve important data in case of system failures, human error, or cyberattacks. Here are the five most common data backup solutions you should consider to safeguard your business.


Costly business continuity plan mistakes to steer clear of

Posted on Friday August 04, 2023  |  business, business continuity plan, bcp, risk assessment, risk analysis

A solid business continuity plan (BCP) is crucial for safeguarding your company against potential disruptions and ensuring resilience in the face of unexpected events. However, business continuity errors can occur and jeopardize your organization's survival. Here are the top mistakes in business continuity management that business owners should avoid.


Connecting with your audience: Video as a brand building tool

Posted on Friday July 28, 2023  |  business, video marketing, animated videos, customer testimonials, explainer videos, landing pages, live streaming, user generated content, video tutorials

Video marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience and elevate their marketing campaigns to new heights. As a business owner, incorporating video content into your marketing strategy can yield substantial benefits, from increased brand awareness to higher conversion rates. Here are the different types of video content that can help you supercharge your marketing efforts and reach your target audience more effectively.


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