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Must-have Google Chrome extensions

Posted on Friday April 09, 2021  |  google chrome, chrome, productivity tips, chrome extension, chrome hacks

Chrome is the most-used web browser on the planet. It’s already powerful on its own, but with the thousands of add-ons in the Chrome Web Store, you can further enhance its functionality. Today, there’s an extension for almost every need, and it can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming to choose the right ones. But don’t fret. We’ve hand-picked the six must-have Chrome extensions so that you don’t have to sift through the whole catalog.


Protect your private data with mobile device-based biometrics

Posted on Wednesday January 20, 2021  |  firefox, google, microsoft, chrome, windows 10, biometrics, mozilla

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for ways to steal information, so you should seek to beef up your data protection. One such way is with biometric authentication on mobile devices.


Is your web browser safe enough?

Posted on Saturday December 12, 2020  |  firefox, safari, web browsers, chrome, cybersecurity, edge

Web browsers are gateways to the internet, which is why you should care about how they transmit and store sensitive information. In an era where too much security is never enough, you need your browser to also have built-in cybersecurity features. But which web browser is the safest? Read on.


Make life easier and sync your Android to Chrome

Posted on Friday July 17, 2020  |  technology, google, android, it, chrome, team, phone, computer, combination, duo, pair

People lead fast-paced lives nowadays, and living on the go means having the tools to jump from desk to destination at a snap of a finger. This is why Google Chrome-Android sync features are more important than many people realize. Here are some things you can do with the combined power of Chrome and Android.


Does private browsing secure your data?

Posted on Monday July 06, 2020  |  firefox, safari, security, web browsers, chrome, vpn, opera, online privacy, private browsing, edge

If you're getting targeted with surprisingly relevant ads, there's a chance your internet activity is being tracked and analyzed by market researchers. While this doesn't bother most people, private browsing mode can offer you some protection against online marketers and data thieves.


Why autocomplete passwords are risky

Posted on Friday March 20, 2020  |  firefox, safari, security, web browsers, privacy, chrome, passwords, auto fill, cybersecurity, general articles c

Many people use auto-fill passwords for their convenience. What you might not know is that hackers and advertisers can use them to get access to websites and other applications and gather sensitive information. Learn more about the risks of using autocomplete passwords.


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