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The five types of hackers targeting SMBs

Posted on Wednesday March 08, 2023  |  state sponsored hackers, smb, security, script kiddie, insider, iloveyou, hacktivist, hackers, edward snowden, cybercriminal, cyberattack

Small- or medium-sized business (SMB) owners may think they're unimportant enough to be targeted by hackers. But the truth is that SMBs are prime targets for hackers since they see these organizations — which have less security and fewer resources compared to enterprises — as easy marks. Fortunately, knowing who these attackers are and what they do can help you better protect your business. Here are the five types of hackers who are most likely to target SMBs.


Defending against watering hole attacks

Posted on Wednesday September 07, 2022  |  security, vpn, security update, intrusion prevention system, cyberattack, watering hole attack

More and more cybercriminals are launching watering hole attacks to gain access to company networks. But what exactly is a watering hole attack, and how can you protect yourself from it? Read on to learn how.


How to protect your network from watering hole attacks

Posted on Monday June 21, 2021  |  security, vpn, security update, intrusion prevention system, cyberattack, watering hole attack

Cybercriminals are getting more creative in infecting computers with malware, and users must step up in order to protect their devices. To stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, you should learn more about their more insidious tricks such as watering hole attacks. Here’s what you need to know about these attacks and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of one.


The 5 types of hackers who want to harm your business

Posted on Wednesday June 02, 2021  |  security, hackers, edward snowden, smb, hacktivist, insider, script kiddie, cyberattack, cybercriminal, iloveyou, state sponsored hackers

You’ve probably heard it said that not all hackers are dangerous. That’s true, of course. For instance, white hat hackers hack into a system to uncover vulnerabilities and boost its protection against cyberthreats. However, we won't be talking about white hat hackers in this blog. Instead, we’ll take a close look at five types of malicious hackers and the motives behind their activities.


A primer on watering hole attacks

Posted on Tuesday July 30, 2019  |  security, vpn, update, intrusion prevention system, cyberattack, watering hole attack

Cyberattacks come in many different forms, with new methods being developed all the time. What's bad is that personal information is now often stored online, be it through social media or through government and healthcare services - and these are juicy targets for criminals. Learn more about one way these criminals steal data - through watering hole attacks.


New Office 365 cyberattack on the loose

Posted on Monday August 27, 2018  |  sharepoint, security, scams, phishing, outlook, office 365, microsoft, cyberattack

Phishing scams disguise malicious links and emails as messages from trusted sources. The most recent scam to watch out for almost perfectly imitates a trusted invitation to collaborate through Microsoft SharePoint. It's a three-step attack that's easy to avoid if you know how it works.


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