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Quick Guide to Virtualization as a DR plan

Posted on Wednesday August 29, 2018  |  virtualization, virtual machines, tape backups, servers, disaster recovery, data backup, critical data

Although many business owners think that Virtualization and Disaster Recovery (DR) are two separate services, the former can actually be used as a legitimate solution to the latter. Here's how it works, along with some pointers to keep in mind should you choose virtualization as your disaster recovery plan.


How to back up your Android data

Posted on Friday July 13, 2018  |  tablet, smartphone, recovery, google drive, google account, data backup, android

There's no denying that backing up your data is important. If you don't, a cyberattack or hardware failure could wipe out invaluable personal and professional information. This doesn't just apply to desktops and laptops. Android phones and tablets store plenty of important data, which means they need to be backed up, too.


Do you speak 'Data'?

Posted on Wednesday July 20, 2016  |  fast data, data jargon, data buzzwords, data backup, big data

2016July20_BusinessContinuity_AQuick, what's the most important thing about your business's precious data? Besides knowing how to back it up properly and protect it from catastrophic loss, how about understanding all the lingo used to describe it? The term "big data" - in reference to large, complex data sets - is a well-known buzzword these days, but a slew of new "data" terms are in style now, too.


Cloud myths debunked

Posted on Tuesday March 08, 2016  |  security, office 365, myths, hackers, encryption, data backup, cloud computing

2016Mar8_Web&Cloud_AFrom hosting websites, email, applications and online file storage, the cloud has become a popular alternative to traditional IT services for business. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a data center that doesn't employ cloud-based services of some kind. But incidents of cloud hacks and server failures can lead some business owners to be wary of a service that still has much confusion surrounding it.


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