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Is your web browser safe enough?

Posted on Saturday December 12, 2020  |  firefox, safari, web browsers, chrome, cybersecurity, edge

Web browsers are gateways to the internet, which is why you should care about how they transmit and store sensitive information. In an era where too much security is never enough, you need your browser to also have built-in cybersecurity features. But which web browser is the safest? Read on.


Does private browsing secure your data?

Posted on Monday July 06, 2020  |  firefox, safari, security, web browsers, chrome, vpn, opera, online privacy, private browsing, edge

If you're getting targeted with surprisingly relevant ads, there's a chance your internet activity is being tracked and analyzed by market researchers. While this doesn't bother most people, private browsing mode can offer you some protection against online marketers and data thieves.


6 Firefox features your business needs

Posted on Friday December 20, 2019  |  firefox, business, password, browser, efficiency, shortcuts, competitive, edge, functions

Firefox may not be as ubiquitous as it used to be, but it remains a powerful browser. Make sure you're taking full advantage of its capabilities by using these tools:


Which web browser is the safest?

Posted on Thursday October 10, 2019  |  firefox, internet explorer, safari, web browsers, chrome, cybersecurity, edge

Enterprise cybersecurity is a holistic system that involves employing security practices at every level of use. This includes picking out the most secure application for web browsing. Consider the security features of these popular web browsers when picking yours.


The dangers of the web and how to stay safe

Posted on Wednesday February 13, 2019  |  web browsers, vpn, security, safari, private browsing, opera, online privacy, firefox, edge, chrome

You probably go to great lengths to keep yourself safe, whether at home or in public. But what happens when you get online? Learn more about how you could be exposing yourself and your personal information over the internet so you can stay safe.


Which web browser is perfect for you?

Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018  |  web browsers, safari, opera, microsoft, google, edge, chrome, apple

The battle of the web browsers has raged on for years. While the classic rivalry between Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer has long passed, we are now facing a broader field of competition. There are currently four web browsers competing for space in your hard drive, and we've drawn up this list of their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose.


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