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Your guide to choosing the right EMR system

Posted on Monday January 23, 2023  |  emr, electronic medical records, medical records, patient health record

Choosing the right electronic medical record (EMR) system for your practice is a challenging task. You need to dedicate time and effort to researching various software options in order to find one that will fit your workflow. Opting for an ineffective system may significantly set back productivity by impeding normal operations while causing frustration among users as well. To ensure you select the optimal EMR for your practice, here are some tips you should consider.


Getting the right EMR system for your practice

Posted on Wednesday December 01, 2021  |  emr, medical records, medical software, patient information

You and your patients can benefit from having an electronic medical record (EMR) solution in your clinic, healthcare facility, or hospital. It helps healthcare professionals keep a more comprehensive and detailed record of all their patients’ medical information and treatment procedures. However, with so many software vendors out there, choosing the best EMR for your practice can be challenging. Here are criteria to consider when selecting an EMR system.


4 Massive benefits of using EMRs

Posted on Monday January 11, 2021  |  emr, communication, treatment, emr efficiency, costs, medical operations, recordkeeping

Healthcare providers are ditching the traditional pen and clipboard, and are looking to electronic systems to house their patient records. Electronic medical records (EMRs) offer healthcare professionals a quicker way of accessing and sharing patient information between offices and providers. They also provide several major benefits to healthcare organizations and transform the way professionals work.


Why more healthcare providers are using EMRs

Posted on Monday November 25, 2019  |  emr, emr efficiency, emr improves medical operations

Electronic medical records (EMR) are digitized versions of patients' information. Using EMRs can significantly reduce transcription costs and the need for a large storage space to house paper records. EMRs also reduce the frequency of errors due to illegible handwriting or incomplete documentation. By transitioning from paper to digital records, healthcare providers can improve overall productivity and provide better care for patients. Here are some other benefits of using EMRs.


Choosing the right EMR system

Posted on Thursday September 12, 2019  |  emr, healthcare, choosing emr, medical software

Medical professionals should always strive to give the utmost care to their patients, not only through proper diagnosis and treatment but with the best ancillary healthcare services as well. These are improved by the use of electronic medical records (EMRs). EMRs eliminate paper charts by digitally storing patients' medical history and treatment. EMR systems lead to major health care savings and reduce medical errors. To get your healthcare practice ready for an EMR system, here are considerations to take note of.


Record $5.5 million HIPAA penalty doled out

Posted on Monday September 05, 2016  |  security, medical data, hipaa, healthcare, emr, data compliance

2016September5_HealthcareArticles_AIf your organization hosts data regulated by the US government, you're familiar with the scare tactics used to sell hosting services. But what lurks behind those vague threats of expensive lawsuits and unfair liability burdens? HIPAA is nearly 100 pages long and few providers actually know what it requires. Unfortunately, it took a massive breach of healthcare-record data to give us a clearer picture, but let's take a closer look at what we can glean from the incident.


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