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5 Security measures you need for VoIP

Posted on Friday April 12, 2024  |  voip, voice over internet protocol, vpn, sip trunking, encryption, voip security, voip firewall, voip encryption, voip systems

Businesses are increasingly relying on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems due to their cost-effectiveness and enhanced features. However, VoIP systems are not without security risk — these systems are also a potential entry point for cyberattacks. VoIP's vulnerability to cyberattacks therefore requires stringent security measures. To safeguard your VoIP phones, we recommend implementing the following security protocols.


How to safeguard protected health information

Posted on Monday March 18, 2024  |  healthcare, data backup, encryption, cybersecurity, employee training, phi, protected health information, risk assessment, physical security, access privileges, network infrastructure

Protected health information (PHI) includes medical records, lab results, diagnoses, treatment plans, and payment details. As healthcare continues to move toward digital platforms and data sharing, it is crucial to have the following measures in place to safeguard PHI from cyberattacks.


Why HTTPS is essential for online security

Posted on Wednesday September 27, 2023  |  https, encryption, online security, cybersecurity

Cybercriminals are relentless in coming up with new ways to steal our personal information and financial data. That's why it's more important than ever to take steps to protect ourselves online, and these steps include visiting websites that use HTTPS.


Important cybersecurity terms every business owner should know

Posted on Monday July 24, 2023  |  malware, encryption, data breach, phishing, firewall, cybersecurity, virtual private network, patch management, insider threat, multifactor authentication, security awareness training, cybersecurity terms, security audit

As technology advances, so do the risks associated with cyberthreats. Understanding basic cybersecurity terms is essential for business owners to protect their assets, data, and reputation. In the following sections, we'll explore key cybersecurity terms and concepts that every business owner should be familiar with.


3 Reasons not to bypass Windows 11’s TPM requirement

Posted on Friday March 31, 2023  |  microsoft, encryption, cybersecurity, security updates, windows 11, tpm, tpm 1 2, tpm 2 0, trusted platform module

Microsoft released Windows 11 in October 2021. As of October 2022, only 15.44% of PCs around the world run the new operating system (OS); 71.29% are still using Windows 10. One possible reason for the slow adoption of the new OS is that Windows 11 would not install on devices that lack Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 chips.


Best practices for IoT security in healthcare

Posted on Monday March 06, 2023  |  security, multifactor authentication, mfa, iot, internet of things, healthcare, encryption, electronic healthcare records

The Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated to reach 29 billion by 2030. While all sectors grapple with the security implications posed by this advanced technology, the healthcare industry is at particular risk because of its complex landscape and the sheer number of interconnected gadgets. In this article, we’ll discuss the best practices to keep your IoT devices secure.


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