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How to improve your Excel skills

Posted on Monday June 13, 2022  |  excel, filter, excel ideas, autosum, count, counta, pivot table, sum

Microsoft Excel is a popular office application used by countless businesses around the world. Unfortunately, many employees are not using it to its full potential. If you’re struggling with Excel, these tips will help improve your spreadsheet skills.


3 Excel tips that make life easier

Posted on Friday May 21, 2021  |  excel, microsoft excel, filter, dynamic array, excel ideas, hlookup, ideas in excel, randarray, sequence, sort, unique, vlookup, xlookup

Microsoft Excel is now better than ever, thanks to its extremely user-friendly features. Pull yourself up skillswise by following our three tips below.


Office 365 is now Microsoft 365: New features, same price

Posted on Monday May 11, 2020  |  outlook, excel, microsoft, powerpoint, office 365, word, teams, microsoft 365

Microsoft recently launched its new slate of consumer service plans: Microsoft 365 (M365) Personal and Family. This will replace Office 365 (O365) Home and Personal, signaling the shift of the company's consumer bundles from just a set of tools to powerful solutions that help you manage both work and life. But Microsoft isn't simply rebranding - it's also introducing new capabilities to its apps. Here's what you can look forward to.


2020's best office apps for Android

Posted on Friday February 28, 2020  |  microsoft office, productivity, android, excel, powerpoint, tablet, google drive, smartphone, word, office apps, google play store, pdf, docs to go, polaris office, smart office, wps office

More and more companies are adopting remote work policies, offering myriad benefits to both employers and employees. Having the right tools at your disposal will ensure that you and your remote staff can be as productive and efficient as possible. Here are some of the best office suite apps for Android devices.


3 Excel level-up tips

Posted on Friday January 31, 2020  |  excel, microsoft excel, filter, dynamic array, excel ideas, hlookup, ideas in excel, randarray, sequence, sort, unique, vlookup, xlookup

Microsoft Excel's new features now make it easier than ever to process data and present information visually. Help yourself to our three useful tips below.


Help yourself: use these Office 365 features

Posted on Friday April 26, 2019  |  word, skype edit, powerpoint, office 365 features, excel, electronic signature

Need help getting some work done? Microsoft constantly releases new Office 365 features that can give you an edge over the pile of work on your computer. With some of the new Office 365 features, you can Skype over a document with your coworkers, plot charts into Excel with ease, and even sign for a document electronically with any device. So treat yourself and use these features to increase your productivity in the workplace.


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