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The 5 types of hackers who want to harm your business

Posted on Wednesday June 02, 2021  |  security, hackers, edward snowden, smb, hacktivist, insider, script kiddie, cyberattack, cybercriminal, iloveyou, state sponsored hackers

You’ve probably heard it said that not all hackers are dangerous. That’s true, of course. For instance, white hat hackers hack into a system to uncover vulnerabilities and boost its protection against cyberthreats. However, we won't be talking about white hat hackers in this blog. Instead, we’ll take a close look at five types of malicious hackers and the motives behind their activities.


Distributed spam distraction hides illegal activities

Posted on Wednesday August 26, 2020  |  hackers, cybercriminals, identity theft, spam, email security, anti spam, dark web, distributed spam distraction, dsd, cyberattacks

As annoying as spam email is, it's usually pretty harmless. But hackers have been using a method called distributed spam distraction (DSD) where spam email is used to carry out illegal activities. Learn more about DSD and how you can safeguard your systems against it.


Keep healthcare data safe from hackers

Posted on Monday May 06, 2019  |  data theft, hackers, healthcare it, securing data

The healthcare industry is shifting their data to cloud services to serve their patients better and improve accessibility. This puts personal health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) at risk of getting stolen by hackers. Healthcare security experts believe that data breaches aimed at medical facilities are becoming more frequent because of the high demand for PHI and PII in the black market.


4 types of hackers that may target SMBs

Posted on Thursday October 11, 2018  |  security, script kiddie, motives, insider, hacktivist, hackers, cybercriminal, attack

When it comes to cyberattacks, most business owners get hung up on the technical and logistical details, forgetting another important aspect: motive. Why are hackers attacking people and organizations? And whom are they targeting? By answering these questions, you'll have a better understanding of which of your business's resources need the most protection.


Government agency finds way to unlock iPhones

Posted on Tuesday March 13, 2018  |  security, leaks, jailbreak, iphone, ios, hackers, cybersecurity, breach, apple

Cellebrite, an Israel-based vendor that works with the U.S. government, has revealed that they've found a way to unlock practically every iPhone available on the market. It appears to be a significant milestone for law enforcement and forensic specialists, yet it's also a potential privacy issue for Apple customers.


Browsers leak sensitive info to hackers

Posted on Friday January 27, 2017  |  security, safari, hackers, credit card theft, chrome

2017January27_Security_AThe Autofill feature fills a void in the web browsing habits of many. It eliminates the need to enter all your details when logging on your social media accounts or when checking out your basket after e-shopping. On Chrome and Safari browsers, however, danger lurks when you rely too much on autofill. Without knowing it, you may be exposing personal information to hackers who have found a way to steal your credit card info and shop at your expense.


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