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Should employers monitor remote employees?

Posted on Wednesday May 11, 2022  |  employees, tips, technology, security, productivity, staff, lawsuits, online monitoring, policies

With remote work becoming the new normal for many businesses, employers can’t help but worry about how much work their employees are getting done. One way to determine this is by monitoring employees online. However, this practice can raise privacy concerns. This article will shed light on what employee monitoring is and how it can help your business.


Should you monitor your employees' online activities?

Posted on Wednesday July 01, 2020  |  employees, tips, technology, security, productivity, lawsuits, online monitoring, policies, employee monitoring, online behavior

To monitor or not to monitor - that is the question. Employee monitoring is a touchy subject. If you've ever considered it, then you may ask yourself if it is a good idea for an employer to check on their staff's online activities. Below are the pros and cons of employee monitoring, and some helpful tips should you push through with it.


Tips to monitor employee activities online

Posted on Tuesday April 09, 2019  |  tips, technology, staff, security, productivity, policies, online monitoring, lawsuits, employees

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to monitoring your employees online. We've put together an honest and transparent list of arguments for and against this practice. And if you decide it is something you want to pursue, we've provided some tips for a smooth implementation process.


Monitoring employees online. Is it right?

Posted on Tuesday March 15, 2016  |  tips, technology, staff, security, productivity, policies, online monitoring, lawsuits, employees

2016Mar15_Security_AWhether or not to monitor your employees' computers can be a tricky decision. While part of you may think it's unethical, you also may question if your staff are spending too much time on non-work related activities, and taking advantage of you in the process. So, should you monitor? Here are some pros and cons of monitoring, and some tips to effectively do it if you decide it's right for your business.


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