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Twitter's new dashboard app for SMBs

Posted on Monday August 29, 2016  |  twitter, social, smb, small, sized, presence, medium, media, management, maintenance, internet, dashboard, business

2016August29_SocialMedia_AFishes are known to travel together in schools. They do so as a defense mechanism against predators or as a means to find a mate. Rarely do we see a fish making its way through the ocean unaccompanied. Schools of fish are the Twitter equivalent of celebrities or public figures, whereby lone guppies are SMBs struggling to make a splash in terms of their online presence. Allow Twitter's latest stand-alone dashboard app to lend your business a helping hand.


Enterprise level virtualization for clients

Posted on Friday June 10, 2016  |  virtualization, software, smb, small, size, presentation, medium, maintenance, hardware, effective, desktop, cost, business, application

2016June10_Virtualization_AVirtualization has permanently changed the world of IT and computing and bringing with it the overhaul of IT architecture and workflow. One would think that it would reach its saturation point sooner or later but with constant innovation and development, virtualization has permeated and penetrated deep as to reach the client level. Here are three virtualization options for SMB's wishing to optimize their tech resources:


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