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Transforming healthcare with mobile device management

Posted on Monday September 18, 2023  |  healthcare, mobile device management, mdm in healthcare

From streamlining patient care to optimizing administrative processes, mobile technology has revolutionized how healthcare companies operate. However, with this advancement comes the critical responsibility of managing these devices effectively. This is where mobile device management (MDM) steps in, offering a comprehensive solution for healthcare business owners to ensure security, compliance, and operational efficiency.


5 Crucial steps to increasing BYOD security

Posted on Friday May 05, 2023  |  monitoring, security, byod, policy, two factor authentication, device, mobile device management, security training

Bring your own device (BYOD) arrangements have become increasingly popular in today's workplace, enabling employees to use their personal devices to access work-related applications and data. However, BYOD also presents a security risk, as personal devices may not be as thoroughly protected as corporate devices. Hence, it is crucial to increase BYOD security to ensure that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.


What is MTD, and how can it improve mobile security?

Posted on Monday December 20, 2021  |  android, mobile device security, cybersecurity, machine learning, mobile device management, mobile threat detection, nobile

Protecting your business data goes beyond securing your office computers and networks. Especially now that implementing remote and hybrid work environments is critical to business survival, you need to put up digital barriers around your company’s mobile devices to block malware and other threats. Here’s how to do just that with mobile threat detection (MTD) tools.


7 Ways to boost data protection in Microsoft 365

Posted on Wednesday June 30, 2021  |  encryption, data security, compliance, mobile device management, access management, calendar sharing, policy alerts, session timeouts, microsoft 365, multifactor authentication

More than just offering apps and cloud services designed to boost productivity, Microsoft 365 also provides robust security tools for protecting data from loss and theft. Make the most out of these tools and ensure data security by following these tips.


5 Benefits of mobile device management for healthcare

Posted on Friday April 02, 2021  |  security, android, byod, apple, windows, hipaa, mobile device management, mdm

Healthcare providers are relying on mobile technologies more than ever for doing work and communicating with practitioners, staff, and patients. Wireless networks and portable devices in the healthcare setting have their benefits, and IT staff must have controls like mobile device management (MDM) software to efficiently maintain and manage the security and privacy required by federal regulations.


7 Easy ways to prevent data loss in Microsoft 365

Posted on Wednesday July 08, 2020  |  encryption, data security, compliance, mobile device management, access management, calendar sharing, multi factor authentication, policy alerts, session timeouts, microsoft 365

Microsoft understands the value of business data and the costly repercussions of losing it. That's why they've released a slew of security and compliance tools for Microsoft 365 subscribers. But given the increasing sophistication and frequency of data breaches, these cloud security solutions aren't enough to protect your files. You'll need to follow these seven security tips to prevent data loss in Microsoft 365.


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