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Are you maximizing your social media potential?

Posted on Wednesday July 03, 2019  |  online presence, social media, marketing, reputation management

Social media as a component of marketing is continuously growing its own significant heartbeat in the industry - so much so that many businesses nowadays make exclusive use of it for their advertising and promotional needs.


Grow sales with these social media options

Posted on Monday November 07, 2016  |  social media, reputation management, online presence, marketing

2016november7_socialmedia_aEvery company wants to get more business out of social media. But to most small- and medium-sized businesses, a social media strategy is limited to the most popular platforms. There are at least a dozen more options however, and we want to take some time to cover the best sites that you're probably not using, here.


Healthcare trends you should follow

Posted on Thursday June 02, 2016  |  the act, remote care, online presence, hipaa, healthcare, apple watch

2016June2_HealthcareArticles_A"We are living in a digital world, and healthcare practices need a URL". If Madonna could change the lyrics of her 1984 classic to speak to the healthcare industry, she may have sang something like this. A URL is just one facet of the digital strategy that hospitals and private practices alike will need to adapt if they wish to remain competitive in today's world. Here are a few other trends worth taking note of.


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