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How to safeguard protected health information

Posted on Monday March 18, 2024  |  healthcare, data backup, encryption, cybersecurity, employee training, phi, protected health information, risk assessment, physical security, access privileges, network infrastructure

Protected health information (PHI) includes medical records, lab results, diagnoses, treatment plans, and payment details. As healthcare continues to move toward digital platforms and data sharing, it is crucial to have the following measures in place to safeguard PHI from cyberattacks.


5 Most common weak points hackers use to breach your systems

Posted on Friday March 01, 2024  |  network security, password security, phishing, cybersecurity, social engineering, software updates, cyberthreats, physical security

With technology advancing at a breakneck pace, new threats are constantly emerging, making it difficult for organizations to batten down the hatches and secure their systems. To help you better protect your organization’s sensitive information and assets, we’ve identified the top five entry points hackers use to infiltrate systems.


How to keep your VoIP systems safe

Posted on Friday November 18, 2022  |  security, voip, voice over internet protocol, vpn, firewall, intrusion prevention systems, multifactor authentication, call behavior monitoring, ip phone, physical security

While investing in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems is known to help businesses reduce their telecommunication costs, failing to secure these can nullify the financial advantages gained and even lead to some serious consequences. If VoIP systems are left vulnerable, hackers can eavesdrop on your conversations and steal sensitive information. It's therefore crucial to take the necessary measures to protect your VoIP systems. Here are 6 solutions to help you do just that.


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