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How to secure protected health information

Posted on Wednesday October 21, 2020  |  healthcare it, privacy, data breach, phishing, cybersecurity, phi, protected health information, access policies, full disk encryption

Protected health information (PHI) includes different types of data, including a patient's Social Security number, billing information, and health condition. Because of the wealth of confidential information it encompasses, PHI is highly valuable to hackers, who can use stolen PHI to carry out fraudulent activities. This puts healthcare organizations and other businesses that handle PHI at high risk of a data breach. If your organization operates in the healthcare industry, follow these best practices to keep PHI secure.


How to defend against insider threats

Posted on Tuesday June 05, 2018  |  protected health information, insider threat, hipaa, healthcare, cybersecurity

First off, what is an insider threat in healthcare? An insider threat is an individual inside an organization discovered to have been accessing healthcare records without authorization. Healthcare companies must take steps to reduce the potential for insider threats, which is their top source of security incidents.


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