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How to safeguard protected health information

Posted on Monday March 18, 2024  |  healthcare, data backup, encryption, cybersecurity, employee training, phi, protected health information, risk assessment, physical security, access privileges, network infrastructure

Protected health information (PHI) includes medical records, lab results, diagnoses, treatment plans, and payment details. As healthcare continues to move toward digital platforms and data sharing, it is crucial to have the following measures in place to safeguard PHI from cyberattacks.


5 Essential steps to defend against insider threats in healthcare

Posted on Friday April 14, 2023  |  healthcare, hipaa, cybersecurity, phi, protected health information, insider threats

Among the most pressing issues that the healthcare sector must grapple with are insider threats. To protect confidential records, financial information, and patient data, healthcare organizations must take proactive measures to safeguard their systems. Here are five essential steps your healthcare business should take to protect against insider threats.


Crucial tips to protect customers’ PHI

Posted on Wednesday December 14, 2022  |  security training, ransomware, protected health information, privacy, phi, malware, healthcare it, full disk encryption, data breach, cybersecurity, access policies

If your business handles protected health information (PHI), it's your duty to take every step possible to ensure that your clients' data is secured. Cybercriminals often target PHI because it contains personal, medical, and financial information that they can exploit for profit. This blog will discuss best practices your business can adopt to protect your customers' PHI.


PHI best practices that all business leaders should know

Posted on Friday November 05, 2021  |  protected health information, privacy, phishing, phi, healthcare it, full disk encryption, data breach, cybersecurity, access policies

Protected health information (PHI) is a common target of cybercriminals, as the personal, medical, and financial information that comprise it can be abused for financial gain. This is why businesses that handle PHI should take every step possible to ensure that their clients’ data is always protected.


Preventing insider threats in the healthcare sector

Posted on Wednesday May 12, 2021  |  healthcare, hipaa, cybersecurity, insider threat, protected health information

Insider threats are security risks that come from within your organization. They could be any of your current or former employees, contractors, or associates who have knowledge about your computer systems and can expose your data. They are a major issue in many industries, the healthcare sector included. In this article, we look at five ways to detect and prevent insider threats.


How to secure protected health information

Posted on Wednesday October 21, 2020  |  healthcare it, privacy, data breach, phishing, cybersecurity, phi, protected health information, access policies, full disk encryption

Protected health information (PHI) includes different types of data, including a patient's Social Security number, billing information, and health condition. Because of the wealth of confidential information it encompasses, PHI is highly valuable to hackers, who can use stolen PHI to carry out fraudulent activities. This puts healthcare organizations and other businesses that handle PHI at high risk of a data breach. If your organization operates in the healthcare industry, follow these best practices to keep PHI secure.


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