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Is AI-powered VoIP the next step?

Posted on Monday March 02, 2020  |  voip, artificial intelligence, customer service, robots

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly common across numerous industries, reshaping the way organizations conduct business. In the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market, in particular, AI's proactive and predictive automation processes can significantly increase precision, accuracy, and efficiency. How so? Read on to find out.


AI-powered VoIP: what businesses can expect

Posted on Friday December 21, 2018  |  voip, artificial intelligence, customer service, chatbot, robots, call recording analysis, contextual guidance, conversational ai, intent recognition, interactive voice response, ivr systems, multilingualism, speech recognition, text recognition, web conferencing

Automating business processes is a necessity for most organizations. While the human element is still important, automation increases time to market and saves money. And because telecom is an essential part of businesses' operations, AI developers are introducing advances in VoIP telephony that will take automation to a whole new level.


How will AI impact internet telephony?

Posted on Friday January 12, 2018  |  voip, robots, customer service operations, artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to mind robots that can perform tasks and think like human beings. While that's certainly possible in the future, AI today is simply an intuitive set of technology that automates business processes. It's been around for decades, and now it's poised to make significant improvements to VoIP technology.


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