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The importance of updating firmware

Posted on Monday September 06, 2021  |  managed services, software, hardware, routers, cybersecurity, firmware, firmware attacks, firmware updates

Businesses today are aware of the importance of regularly updating the different software they use to keep these running optimally and protected against cyberthreats. However, they often overlook the firmware of their computers and other devices. At best, firmware is only updated if there’s an issue with the hardware. But it’s actually a good idea to always keep firmware updated, and here’s why.


Outdated firmware: An overlooked threat

Posted on Thursday November 08, 2018  |  managed services, software, hardware, routers, operating system, cybersecurity, firmware

If most of your company's computers are obsolete, they double or even triple your chances of experiencing a data breach. This emphasizes how dangerous it is to have outdated applications, operating systems, and even web browsers. Failing to update your firmware could expose your business to major security threats.


Wikileaks details router vulnerabilities

Posted on Tuesday June 27, 2017  |  wireless networks, wikileaks, wannacry, security, routers, firmware, cia

When we write about how antivirus software isn't enough to keep you safe from malware, it's not just scare tactics. There are so many ways hackers can break into your system that antivirus solutions will never catch. For a real-world example, look no further than the router exploit kit recently leaked from the CIA.


Firmware: the threat most users overlook

Posted on Tuesday April 18, 2017  |  routers, managed services, hardware, firmware, cyber security

2017April18Hardware_AFor decades, one of the most foundational principles of cyber security has remained the same: Always update and patch your software. But for most people, hardware is exempt from this process. They think of hardware as nothing more than a vessel for software to occupy -- and that's totally incorrect. Read on to learn more about this oft-neglected aspect of IT security.


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