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Be on guard against these crafty schemes by hackers

Posted on Wednesday November 15, 2023  |  scams, phishing, social engineering, pretexting, quid pro quo, baiting, smishing, spear fishing, vishing, watering hole

In the face of a continuous rise in malicious cyberattacks, businesses remain vulnerable to the ever-evolving tactics of social engineering. Unlike malware, which infects systems through malicious code, social engineering relies on manipulating individuals into divulging sensitive information. To safeguard your business from these deceptive attacks, it's essential to understand the underlying techniques and implement effective countermeasures.


Safeguard your iPhone from phishing

Posted on Friday January 18, 2019  |  voice phishing, scams, phishing, mobile devices, iphone, ios, apple

Phishing scams have been around for years, and they've gotten smarter with time. Recently, criminals have been targeting iPhone users through a voice phishing scam that makes the call appear like it's coming from Apple Support. Fortunately, there are simple but effective tips so you don't fall prey to this notorious scheme.


Don't let hackers fool you with these tricks

Posted on Tuesday September 25, 2018  |  tailgating, social engineering, scams, rio olympics, quid pro quo, pretexting, phishing

The volume of malicious cyber attacks is increasing every year. Although many companies use the latest network security systems, they aren't immune to the hackers' favorite strategy - social engineering. Unlike malware, social engineering tricks people into volunteering sensitive data. Here's what you should know to protect your business.


New Office 365 cyberattack on the loose

Posted on Monday August 27, 2018  |  sharepoint, security, scams, phishing, outlook, office 365, microsoft, cyberattack

Phishing scams disguise malicious links and emails as messages from trusted sources. The most recent scam to watch out for almost perfectly imitates a trusted invitation to collaborate through Microsoft SharePoint. It's a three-step attack that's easy to avoid if you know how it works.


4 Social engineering scams to watch out for

Posted on Thursday August 18, 2016  |  tailgating, social engineering, scams, rio olympics, quid pro quo, pretexting, phishing

2016August18_Security_AEvery time we learn about a cyberattack that has affected so many businesses, we invest in security technologies that will safeguard our systems. This year, however, social engineering attacks have taken center stage in the Rio Olympics. Using various scams, hackers can circumvent network security systems by convincing gullible users into giving away sensitive information. But spectators aren't the only victims. Without knowing the most common social engineering exploits, your business's data is also at risk. That's why we have compiled four of the most frequently used social engineering scams to help protect you and your business.


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