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Why you need to keep your servers cool

Posted on Friday November 06, 2020  |  server, hardware, server management

Servers have become an essential tool for many businesses. They manage and keep business data secure, and improve workplace productivity. However, overburdening your servers causes their operating temperatures to rise, which can lead to reduced server reliability and data loss. This is why it's important to keep your servers constantly cool.


Why using a VPN is more important than ever before

Posted on Monday October 05, 2020  |  server, privacy, vpn, encryption, cybersecurity, ip leaking, virtual private network

In the past, a simple antivirus software was all you needed to stay safe from online threats. Today, it takes more than that to protect your PC and the information stored on it. Whether you're sending an important email or chatting with a coworker online, chances are your data can be easily intercepted. This is why you need a virtual private network (VPN). Here's how a VPN can protect your online privacy and how to choose the best one for your needs.


3 Things to consider with virtualization

Posted on Wednesday October 02, 2019  |  server, virtualization, data security, backups, operations

Virtualization can help boost operational efficiencies like never before, but you have to understand that the benefits aren't always immediate. As with anything IT, the price to pay for perks is proper setup and fastidious implementation. Here are a few concerns you need to address before virtualizing your infrastructure.


3 Potential issues to watch out for during virtualization

Posted on Tuesday August 13, 2019  |  server, virtualization, data security, data backups, operations

Virtualization can boost operational efficiencies like never before, but you have to understand that the benefits aren't always immediate. As valuable as it is, it does come with flaws to those who don't know how to properly adopt it. Here are a few concerns that can become an issue in virtualization adoption.


What makes hypervisors weak?

Posted on Tuesday April 16, 2019  |  vm escape, vm, virtualization, virtual machine, update, server, security, hypervisor

Hypervisors have changed the game of cybersecurity. They provide unmatched cyber protection for your data as they keep it in the cloud. However, hypervisors still have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Find out how their weak points can be addressed.


Expect CPU shortages until late 2019

Posted on Thursday February 14, 2019  |  supply, shortage, server, production, processor, laptop, intel, hardware, desktop, demand, computer chip

Consumers and businesses increasingly rely on powerful computers to run high-tech applications. But in the coming months, they may have issues obtaining the PCs they need. Since 2018, Intel has reported a processor shortage, which some experts believe may not be resolved until the latter half of 2019. Read on to learn more.


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