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HDD vs. SSD: Which one should you get?

Posted on Friday June 17, 2022  |  technology, hardware, storage, hdd, ssd, computer, flash storage

PCs and laptops typically came with hard disk drives (HDDs), but buyers can now also have the option to configure their system with either HDDs, solid state drives (SSDs), or in some cases both. In this blog, we’ll compare both storage drives so you can make the best decision for your needs.


Why an SSD is better than an HDD for your Mac

Posted on Monday April 19, 2021  |  apple, mac, hdd, ssd, hard disk drives, solid state drives, flash memory, data storage, storage devices

There’s no question that solid state drives (SSDs) are better than hard disk drives (HDDs) for personal computers and Macs. SSDs will significantly enhance your machines’ performance in ways you may not have imagined. Here are a few specific benefits to Mac when you replace HDDs with SSDs.


Data storage: HDD and SSD defined

Posted on Wednesday December 16, 2020  |  technology, hardware, storage, hdd, ssd, computer, flash storage

When purchasing new computers, buyers used to have limited choices when it came to what kind of storage they got with their laptop or desktop PCs. But nowadays you can configure your system with either traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), increasingly common solid state drives (SSDs), or in some cases both. Here's a comparison of both storage drives so you can figure out which best suits your needs.


5 Easy ways to boost your Mac's speed

Posted on Monday November 09, 2020  |  apple, mac, hdd, ssd, operating system, macos, apple computers

Has your Mac become sluggish? Is it taking too much time to boot or load websites? Different factors can slow down your computer. In this post, we have prepared various tips on how to resolve this.


Which is best, HDD or SSD?

Posted on Wednesday September 11, 2019  |  technology, hardware, storage, hdd, ssd, computer, flash storage

The hard disk drive (HDD) has been the primary storage device for desktop computers and laptops for a long time. But with the invention of solid state drive (SSD) technology, consumers are now able to choose between the two. So which one should you go for - HDD or SSD? Read on to find out.


Why you should update your Mac with an SSD

Posted on Wednesday January 30, 2019  |  upgrade, storage devices, ssd, solid state drive, mac, hhd, flash memory, consumer ssd, computers, apple

In recent years, solid state drives (SSDs) have replaced hard disk drives (HDDs) as the storage option of choice on personal computers, Mac devices included. Here are some of the numerous advantages of updating your Mac with an SSD.


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