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Unified communications: Top advantages for SMBs

Posted on Monday March 25, 2024  |  voip, unified communications, voip benefits, uc, call screening, business communications, call conferencing, uc tools, voip tools

If you want to streamline your company's operations, unified communications (UC) might be the solution you're searching for. UC offers numerous benefits to your business's information system, many of which you may not know. In this article, we highlight how your business can harness cost-effective UC solutions to drive growth.


How to successfully migrate your unified communications to the cloud

Posted on Monday March 20, 2023  |  voip, unified communications, cloud, migration, uc

Although there are numerous advantages to using cloud-based unified communications (UC) applications, the migration process poses certain risks and challenges. One of the primary concerns is performance, particularly in relation to internet service providers and public networks. If performance issues arise, they can jeopardize crucial working relationships or even result in financial losses for companies. Here are tips to ensure a seamless migration to cloud-based unified communications.


Tips for moving your business’s UC system to the cloud

Posted on Monday April 11, 2022  |  voip, unified communications, cloud, migration, uc

Migrating your unified communications (UC) systems to the cloud can offer many benefits for your business. Perhaps the most obvious one is the increased scalability that comes with cloud-based solutions. This means you can quickly and easily add more users or bandwidth as your needs grow. You can also take advantage of augmented security features that are not available with on-premises UC systems. However, if you want to enjoy these benefits, you must plan the migration carefully and avoid the potential risks involved in the process.


5 Crucial steps when migrating UC to the cloud

Posted on Monday January 25, 2021  |  voip, unified communications, cloud, migration, uc

Moving your business's unified communications (UC) systems to the cloud offers many perks, including augmented security and scalability. You must, however, plan the migration carefully if you want to enjoy the move's full benefits and avoid the possible risks that come with it. Here are steps you should follow to ensure seamless migration.


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