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Microsoft 365 signals a new era of productivity for SMBs

Posted on Friday June 19, 2020  |  productivity, microsoft, office 365, windows, office, windows 10, microsoft 365, windows defender, w10, intune, o365

In April 2020, Microsoft launched Microsoft 365, the successor to its popular Office 365. But it's not a mere name change. The tech giant is also introducing improvements to its productivity software that will enhance how your business deals with cyberthreats every day.


New Windows 10 update: Things you need to know

Posted on Friday May 22, 2020  |  security, microsoft, windows, update, cortana, operating system, windows10, fluent design, w10

The Windows 10 update will roll out on May 26-28, 2020 and will bring about a fresher look for the world's most popular operating system. Aside from updates to Windows 10's interface, here are some functionality improvements you can expect.


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