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5 Handy tips for organizing your desktop

Posted on Wednesday October 06, 2021  |  windows, windows tips, arranging windows desktop, cluttered desktop, desktop clutter, windows 10, windows 10 tips

Imagine a workstation with papers, folders, food, and electronics strewn all around, then having to scour through everything to find an unlabeled thumb drive containing an important sales report. This is practically the same hassle you and your staff suffer when you have cluttered desktops. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to get organized again.


Free up disk space on your PC with Disk Cleanup

Posted on Friday January 15, 2021  |  microsoft windows, windows, slow computer, pc, windows tips, speeding up a computer, full hard drive, disk cleanup

Hard disk drive capacities are increasing exponentially over time, yet somehow they always seem to fill up. This rings even more true for solid-state drives, which cost more but offer less storage space than conventional mechanical hard disks. If you're brushing against your PC's maximum storage capacity, using Disk Cleanup should help you free up space by getting rid of unimportant files and programs cluttering up your hard drive.


Out of sight, out of mind (so clear your desktop now)

Posted on Friday August 28, 2020  |  windows, windows tips, arranging windows desktop, cluttered desktop, desktop clutter, windows 10, windows 10 tips

It's simple, really: if your desktop is messy, then it's more difficult to use. Don't waste time and energy struggling to function - literally clean up your act by heeding our tips on decluttering your desktop.


Windows PC running slow? Just clean it

Posted on Monday November 11, 2019  |  microsoft windows, windows, windows tips, speeding up a computer, cleaning hard drive, deleting files, full hard drive

If you're noticing a significant slowdown in your Windows PC's performance, it may be because it's bogged down by too many unnecessary files. Free up some disk space and revitalize your machine by using the Disk Cleanup tool. It's a program that can identify such files and remove them without adversely affecting your PC.


Declutter your desktop and get more work done

Posted on Tuesday July 16, 2019  |  windows 8, windows, windows 8 tips, windows 8 1, windows tips, arranging windows desktop, cluttered desktop, desktop clutter

Anything that hinders productivity is considered detrimental to profit, and a cluttered computer is one of them. Even a little time spent looking for files and applications in a crowded desktop can eventually add up to hours of downtime. Worse, it can mean losing critical data like important reports. Here are some tips to help your employees clear their desktops and optimize their virtual working space.


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