Quick tips to save on cloud costs

Posted on Monday September 21, 2020  |  tips, cloud, smb, growth, tricks, affordability, computing

Small- and medium-sized businesses are adopting cloud technologies. However, some business owners may not be aware of certain hidden costs. These costs don't seem much at first, but they can eventually snowball. Follow these five tips to keep the cloud from breaking the bank.


Reasons to automate small-business marketing

Posted on Friday September 18, 2020  |  business, automation, marketing automation, marketing tools, small business marketing

Over the years, marketing automation has become more accessible to small businesses. Thanks to innovative cloud solutions, large and small enterprises can reap the benefits of automating tedious marketing tasks. Here are a few advantages to automating your small business's marketing efforts.


7 Customization features to try on Windows 10

Posted on Wednesday September 16, 2020  |  microsoft, windows, settings, virtual desktops, windows 10, personalization, customization, preferences

Windows 10 offers a wealth of customization features designed to provide users with a truly personalized and intuitive experience. Whether it's changing the color of your windows or rearranging the tiles on the Start menu, these features will make your Windows PC a better match for your needs and preferences. Check out some of them below.


Helpful tips for keeping your email safe

Posted on Monday September 14, 2020  |  security, password, email security, phishing, email account

Email is one of the best things the internet has given us. We use it to sign up for websites, apply for jobs, make payments, get in touch with friends and family, and many more. However, your email is also one of the platforms hackers can exploit to steal information or launch malware attacks. Here are crucial steps to take to safeguard your email account.


Improving healthcare systems with big data

Posted on Friday September 11, 2020  |  business intelligence, healthcare, data analysis

The positive effects of business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics on healthcare management are becoming increasingly apparent. Take a look at why many hospitals and clinics are beginning to embrace the potentials of data-driven business.


Useful tips to prolong your laptop battery life

Posted on Wednesday September 09, 2020  |  hardware, battery life, laptop, battery

It's difficult to gain momentum at work when your laptop constantly notifies you that it's running out of juice. And if there's not a power outlet in sight, your device will soon be nothing more than a cold slab of metal and plastic. Here are some helpful tips to prolong your laptop battery life so you can work longer without interruption.


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