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Chrome to mark HTTP as 'not secure'

Posted on Thursday June 14, 2018  |  android, browsers, chrome, encryption, google, http, https, isp, lets encrypt, lighthouse, mac, security, windows

Google Chrome currently marks HTTPS-encrypted sites with a green lock icon and "Secure" sign. And starting in July, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "not secure." Google hopes this move will nudge users away from the unencrypted web. Read on to learn more about the forthcoming changes.


The phishing craze that’s blindsiding users

Posted on Monday April 24, 2017  |  phishing, malware, homographs, cybersecurity, browsers

Most phishing attacks involve hiding malicious hyperlinks hidden behind enticing ad images or false-front URLs. Whatever the strategy is, phishing almost always relies on users clicking a link before checking where it really leads. But even the most cautious users may get caught up in the most recent scam. Take a look at our advice for how to avoid the newest trend in phishing.


Google Chrome gets new features

Posted on Friday March 31, 2017  |  safari, opera, mozilla, chrome, browsers, battery life

2017March31WebandCloud_AGoogle releases a new version of Chrome almost every month. Some updates involve minor bug fixes and improvements, while others feature many more exciting additions. For its latest release, version 57, Google announced some serious upgrades to Chrome, and here are the three we think you'll be more interested in.


HTML5 trumps Flash in Google Chrome

Posted on Friday December 23, 2016  |  html5, google, flash, chrome, browsers

2016december23_webandcloud_aGoogle Chrome is following through with a game plan it announced in February of last year. In an effort to punish slow-loading or lagging sites that use Flash, a web component known to take up resources and memory, Google's browser will make a newer, faster player the default. Read on to find out how Google plans to transition from Flash-based web browsing to the more streamlined HTML5 experience.


The best Chrome function you aren't using

Posted on Friday September 16, 2016  |  streaming, google, desktops, chromecast, chrome, browsers, broadcasting

2016september16__browsers_aBack in 2013, Google released a tiny HDMI device to widespread praise. No bigger than a run-of-the-mill flash drive, Chromecast allowed you to broadcast certain applications from your desktop or smartphone screen to your TV. Considering how easy it was to set up, and the $35 price tag, we didn't think it could get any better than that. We're rarely wrong, but this time around that was a pretty easy pill to swallow. Trust us, you'll want to see how this works.


New, native ad blocker coming to Opera

Posted on Monday March 28, 2016  |  safari, opera, google chrome, firefox, extensions, browsers, ad blocking

2016Mar28_Browsers_AAds are becoming increasingly intrusive on today's web browsers. They can slow down the load time of pages, and cause potential security and privacy issues. So it's no surprise that ad blockers are becoming more and more popular. However, as they do, they're also cutting into the revenue of online advertisers. With the upcoming release of Opera's new ad blocker that's incorporated directly into the browser, business owners may be both excited and disturbed. On one hand, their own personal browsing experience will be smoother with less disruptive ads, and on another their advertising reach may become more limited.


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